Cellulite: specific exercises for each region

No woman is free of cellulite , but with some specific exercises for each region and patience it is possible to improve it considerably.
The most common and most feared lodges in the butt and the legs. Exercises such as going down and up stairs, crouching and getting up next to the application of cellulite creams usually give great results. A low-calorie diet and two liters of water a day also contribute.
To eliminate cellulite from the waist a good exercise is to stand up with your legs apart and bend your body sideways as much as you can . Over the days repeat the exercise several times and increase the series. Infusions can also help in retaining fluid and therefore do not accumulate localized fat.
For the abdomen the ideal is swimming, since it works with all the muscles of the region. The classic sit- ups also give their results. Eat fruits and vegetables and avoid foods that produce gas.
The arms and chest are also victims of the darn of cellulite. An effective exercise is to stand up with open arms. Slowly join arms until both palms touch. The weights also help.

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