How to reach orgasm

How to reach orgasm ? This is a question that populate the heads of many girls, especially those who are discovering their body through masturbation.
In fact there is no magic formula on how to reach the climax, since each one has its way of being and feeling the stimuli. However, there are some tips that can make it easier to find the paths that give you the most pleasure and consequently make you reach orgasm.
For starters, forget worries, problems. Orgasm and tension do not match . Relax, touch your whole body slowly and go do a study of which places you like to be touched, those that excite you, those that shiver you.
In the bath, with oil or soap, massage your body and try to identify the points that you like best when caressed.
Once you already know the points that give you feelings of pleasure, lie down quietly on your bed and touch those same points, without haste, provide that moment for yourself. Touch your breasts, belly, thighs and down to the clitoris slowly and massage it gently.
With a lubricating gel, moisten the region and play with your fingers.
Make all kinds of moves and find out what you like most. If you have a vibrator, moisten it with gel and bring it close to the clitoris in circular motions.
Focus only on your vagina and the sensations provided. With a little practice and patience it will not be long before you can feel the absolute pleasure.

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