Black Gil doll

Black Gil doll was designed by the well known artist Marcus Baby – an expert at turning celebrities into fun dolls. Baby’s hobby has already honored hundreds of celebrities ranging from Xuxa to Amy Winehouse. This time, who won a position on this trendy shelf was the always controversial Preta Gil, who appears stuffing a outfit sexy and rather fun.
Wearing simply a T-shirt with the phrase ” Love, Peace and Room Service ” and a black fishnet, the singer – as always – lavishes sensuality and the strong character she has always been keen to demonstrate.
In the making of the doll, Marcus Baby used a body more voluptuous than a simple Barbie, caprichou in the smile and submitted the locks to some razors at the tips and darkening of root. The result was very similar to the artist and leaves us dead of envy of having our own doll too!
Contrary to what many people think, the artist does not sell or accept orders from the dolls; His works are unique and simply a way of overcoming his hunger for art

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