Nail polish in 3D

Nail polish in 3D was what was missing! After making success among American and European girls and winning the hearts of visitors to the Beauty Fair, finally the line of enamels with holographic effects comes to our market.
The company behind the launch of Ultimate 3D enamels is Natural LIfe and brings us a range of colors and incredible effects to give a high-tech air to our production. In total there are eight colors ranging from shades of blue, red, pink, purple to golden and silver.
The product has in its formula metallized polyester microparticles , which once reflected by light, provoke a surprising effect, providing a strong brightness, while the colors create life and propagate as if they exited our nails.
The cool thing is that the enamel, besides original, dries fast and has a great durability. What else can we ask for? 3d glasses?
The price will be approximately 4 reais .

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