Makeup Tricks to Increase Your Eyes

We know the power of makeup . Through some tricks we can highlight what we have the best and look even more beautiful. One of the highlights of any makeup are the eyes , how to make them look bigger and sexier ?

From now on, be aware of these tips and see how your expression will change dramatically. When it comes to makeup, always arch your eyelashes before applying the mascara and do not forget the lower lashes ; Many of us simply ignore its existence. We hardly know the effect that causes them to emerge as well.
False eyelashes are also exotic and cause an air of glamor, if you are quite bold, abuse them. Already the most romantic, who bet for a more innocent look, apply white and creamy eyeliner on the lower eyelids. Yes, you read correctly, white eyeliner gives the “open eye” effect. Apply to lower and upper eyelids if desired.

Finally, the frame of the eyes, the eyebrows. It may seem that they do not have their importance, but well-defined and defined eyebrows are the finishing touch to any perfect make-up. If there are any holes, fill the eyebrow with a light pencil bow of the same color.

There is also eyebrow gel that lightens your gaze, if you do not have it, apply a little hair spray on an old toothbrush and style them.