Lately we have become accustomed to hearing about crisis all the time. In fact, it has been the justification for all faults and failures in the world. One thing is certain: this time the world crisis has affected us directly and it is the first time I feel it in the skin. Before it was just statistics that we saw in the newspaper, now it seems that the thing is more serious.

Since the crisis is a reality and we will have to live it for a long time (until the taps open again and abundantly), why not take advantage of it?
Yes, we women commit many crimes with waste, with “comprarterapia” and the like. Since we are in a period of lean cows and that – one way or another we will adapt to these new times – why not face this new reality in an optimistic way taking from it lessons for a prosperous future.

Inside the house, for example, with the small attitudes of day-to-day how to really buy what is needed in the market, save water and energy, take full advantage of food, freeze makes a difference when it comes to fitting the bills at the end of the month .

Maybe that pizza on Saturday is no longer so steady or that wonderful shoe will not be in your closet this month, what matters is really appreciating the things that matter and learning to want what you can have .