Choco therapy as aesthetic treatment

Choco therapy as aesthetic treatment

Choco therapy as aesthetic treatment. Aesthetic clinics are already eyeing the beneficial substances that are extracted from cocoa beans. In several places already offer treatments based on chocoterapia. If you opt for a massage, you should know that they can last between 45 and 70 minutes, and are performed with a blend of cocoa, almond oil and salts , which is applied over the body from the neck down, leaving the skin soft and smooth.
It starts with a skin scrub to eliminate dead cells. Then, it is wrapped in fluid chocolate. The exfoliating effect is enhanced when combining cocoa with mineral mud . The session ends with an energizing shower and the application of a cream with extracts of shea butter or a cream with cocoa extract that leaves the skin perfectly hydrated .

The chocoterapia also developed facials indicated for dehydrated skin, with acne and flaccidity. Thanks to the addition of caffeine extract, this technique also provides the burning of localized fats , with an anti cellulite effect and shaping the body contours.
Another widely used technique is the choco therapy wrapper , which consists of applying a special foam made with cocoa derivatives throughout the body. To encourage the absorption of its nutritional and stimulant components, experts advise to wrap the body in an electric blanket that radiates heat for several minutes.


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