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Cosmetic surgery facelift

Cosmetic surgery facelift is a type of a surgery in which the face is actually given a much better appearance. There are lots of cosmetic surgeries such as this that occur commonly. Consumers have turn out to be very conscious of their type of skin and their own looks. Everybody really wants to look appealing, Read more

Makeup Application

For majority of the women with azure eyes, makeup application could be difficult. Not just about all women possess the same fundamental eye tones so it may be even harder to visit with ideas that provide you with a small color scale. Nearly all women with azure peepers possess lighter pores and skin tones, but Read more

Angelina Jolie Kisses Johnny Depp

Angelina Jolie kisses Johnny Depp. I bet you’re thinking about how lucky the actress is. If it was not enough to open your eyes and see Brad Pitt at your side every day, Angelina now also walks out of a cone of the delicious Johnny Depp. Calm down girls, it’s not about betrayal – even Read more

Obese have sex for longer

Obese people have sex for longer. A survey Erciyes University in Turkey can be an encouragement for those who are overweight . The result of the study says that fat men get to fuck for longer than the thinnest . This would be explained by the fact that overweight men have higher levels of the Read more

Choco therapy as aesthetic treatment

Choco therapy as aesthetic treatment. Aesthetic clinics are already eyeing the beneficial substances that are extracted from cocoa beans. In several places already offer treatments based on chocoterapia. If you opt for a massage, you should know that they can last between 45 and 70 minutes, and are performed with a blend of cocoa, almond Read more

Fashion trends for summer, polka dot clothes

Fashion trend for summer , the style called Petit-Pois is nothing more than a refined and fashionable way of referring to the clothes with polka dots. Whether they are big or small, the balls will be the hit of next season , get ready for a round, round summer. This fashion will be really fun Read more

Black Gil doll

Black Gil doll was designed by the well known artist Marcus Baby – an expert at turning celebrities into fun dolls. Baby’s hobby has already honored hundreds of celebrities ranging from Xuxa to Amy Winehouse. This time, who won a position on this trendy shelf was the always controversial Preta Gil, who appears stuffing a Read more

How To Apply Nail Income

How to apply nail polish. This is a technique that with the necessary caprice we can do at home. Income is a very feminine and versatile material that is always fashionable. To perform the technique you will only need: – Extra gloss glaze , has to be the special top coat to paste the lace, Read more

Postpartum Obesity

Obesity after pregnancy. Pregnancy is a special and delicate moment for the woman and requires special care. The gestational obesity-post is a common problem and creates great risks for the mother and the baby . The fact that women gain excessive weight during the gestational period is a risk factor with complications such as diabetes Read more

How to lose weight by correcting posture

How to lose weight by correcting posture. Not only diet and fitness are enough to have that flat stomach. A completely wrong posture can affect – a lot! – the way your belly looks . That’s because your belly ends up pushed forward if you have your lumbar back tilted to the inside or keep Read more