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Shoulder pain

Shoulder pains are one of the most common complaints in orthopedic practices. In general, the pains are caused by inflammatory lesions caused by repetitive movements or overuse, which damage the tendons. To avoid it is necessary to make a treatment for muscle strengthening and rehabilitation , both for top athletes and for the weekend. There Read more

What not to do at the first meeting

What not to do on the first date? Many of the ideas about what to do and how to behave on a first date do not work and many are just myths and stereotypes. Here are a few . ” Go dressed provocatively for him to call me again”: Actually the clothes we wear depend Read more

The body changes after the first time

The body changes after the first time . Many girls who are starting their sex life are very afraid of what other people might think, especially parents. One of the great doubts is whether our mother “realizes that we masturbate” and the worst; If our body changes after our first sexual intercourse. The answer to Read more

How to reach orgasm

How to reach orgasm ? This is a question that populate the heads of many girls, especially those who are discovering their body through masturbation. In fact there is no magic formula on how to reach the climax, since each one has its way of being and feeling the stimuli. However, there are some tips Read more

Snake venom cream, wrinkle cream

Serpent poison cream is the new fever in the aesthetic world. After thousands of treatments with gold, chocolate and even leeches, the fashion now is to use a cosmetic made the basis of snake venom to do away with wrinkles, expression marks, tired or fatigued skins . The poison’s composition contains powerful substances capable of Read more

What is the price of plastic surgery?

The price of a plastic surgery is as important information as the need or willingness to submit to it. Many plastic surgery clinics today offer financing and installments and can make seductive proposals, but the fact is that the price is not as important as the quality of the professional that will meet you, in Read more

Marijuana skin cream

The marijuana creamFor the skin is already being sold in many countries of the world and obviously generating much controversy . The product is used with excellent results to calm osteoarthritis pains and to combat allergies, as well as to moisturize, reaffirm and regenerate. There are many products made from this plant and serve various Read more

The Benefits Of Pepper

Every self-respecting Brazilian who likes the taste of hot pepper in their favorite dishes. This food that is so present in our kitchen as well as enhancing our taste also brings many benefits to our health . The responsible for this is capsaicin, a substance present in pepper that has antioxidant, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects Read more


It is very delicate to speak in Mastectomy since it is a surgical intervention that partially or completely removes the woman’s breasts . It is usually performed as a treatment for breast cancer, based on tumor withdrawal and axillary emptying. There are several types of mastectomy, the “radical” that consists of the removal of the Read more

Touch up, self-examination prevents breast cancer

Many women still do not have the habit of doing the self-examination, to identify any irregularities in the breasts that may indicate breast cancer. If checked quickly, the treatment of cancer becomes less painful and the risks of losing the breast, infinitely smaller. The breasts are glands responsible for making milk for breastfeeding . It Read more