The body changes after the first time

The body changes after the first time

The body changes after the first time . Many girls who are starting their sex life are very afraid of what other people might think, especially parents. One of the great doubts is whether our mother “realizes that we masturbate” and the worst; If our body changes after our first sexual intercourse.

The answer to both questions is no . No one (neither his mother, nor the doctor, nor the neighbor) can know whether you usually masturbate or not. Anyway, this practice should not be seen as prohibited or wrong , on the contrary, it is the way that can lead you to have a full sex life.

After the first sexual intercourse there is also no physical change in the body. No one is able to discover that you have sex only by looking at your face and body. Many girls do not even bleed the first time!

I think the main change may be in our head, I particularly felt more woman, more feminine and so maybe we feel that there are changes. Change is from the inside out.

One thing is certain: to enjoy an intimate relationship with your boyfriend, do not forget to use condoms to avoid not only an unwanted pregnancy, but also the well-known STDs


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