What is the price of plastic surgery?

What is the price of plastic surgery?

The price of a plastic surgery is as important information as the need or willingness to submit to it. Many plastic surgery clinics today offer financing and installments and can make seductive proposals, but the fact is that the price is not as important as the quality of the professional that will meet you, in fact you have to be wary of expensive low prices .

Below you will find a list of the approximate prices of some of the most popular plastic surgeries so you can get an idea of ​​how much you will spend on performing your surgery.

Plastic surgery on the ears (Otoplasty) – about R $ 3,500.00

Aesthetic blepharoplasty – about R $ 3,500.00

Plastic surgery on the nose (Rhinoplasty) – about R $ 4,500.00

Facial lifting – about R $ 4,500.00


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