What not to do at the first meeting

What not to do at the first meeting

What not to do on the first date? Many of the ideas about what to do and how to behave on a first date do not work and many are just myths and stereotypes. Here are a few .
” Go dressed provocatively for him to call me again”: Actually the clothes we wear depend on the person with whom we left and the situation, but the truth is that men who are looking for something more than one night bet on a little more Clothing. According to the experts they prefer that the woman show up to a maximum of 40% of the body. Besides, there is nothing sexier than the suspense and the mystery.”The men love women who take the initiative “: It depends on the man, always distrust of such generalizing phrases, in this case there will be men who are better frightened or even have a bad impression of you, the ideal is if you know better and if Prudently according to the situation. If you take the initiative you have support in your personality or not, and if this fits in a moment x or should not be better calculated, but try that this is not in the first meeting.

” I have to show what I have in common and show myself very interested “: Yes show interest, but in a certain measure (show up a little less) and sincere, do not fill with questions that do not interest you and do not turn the meeting In an interrogation full of compliments. Take half the time to talk about yourself, but listen to what he has to say.

” I’m going to invite you to be my friend on Facebook “: No, the best thing is to take the time for it, and even better if it’s the invitee, in which case it would be nice to wait a little longer before accepting. First know him well and then get on his profile, social networks promote jealousy and misunderstanding especially when people do not even know each other properly.


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