Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain

Shoulder pains are one of the most common complaints in orthopedic practices. In general, the pains are caused by inflammatory lesions caused by repetitive movements or overuse, which damage the tendons.
To avoid it is necessary to make a treatment for muscle strengthening and rehabilitation , both for top athletes and for the weekend. There is a very close relationship between a person’s physical activity and the acceleration of the degenerative process , according to HCor’s orthopedist Sérgio Xavier.

The athletes who use arms to launch, as tennis players, golfers, volleyball players and swimmers, have a greater tendency to develop inflammatory lesions in the tendon , due to the continuous movement of raising the arm.
In addition to degenerative shoulder injuries can be inflammatory and are usually caused by repeated overeating. Inflammatory lesions are more common in young people and are related to sports or work, the so-called tendinitis.
With a tendency to develop inflammatory processes in this region, because they expose the tendon to stress situations , besides a characteristic characteristic of the tendon that is the little vascularization , fact that predisposes to these types of lesions. If the shoulder is exposed to a constant elevation situation, it can get “older” faster.


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