Marijuana skin cream

Marijuana skin cream

The marijuana creamFor the skin is already being sold in many countries of the world and obviously generating much controversy . The product is used with excellent results to calm osteoarthritis pains and to combat allergies, as well as to moisturize, reaffirm and regenerate.

There are many products made from this plant and serve various purposes, for example, cannabis body oil for radiant skin, or cannabis balm For damaged skin.

We also find cannabis flower shampoo for all types of hair and cannabis hand cream that regulates the rough areas of the skin.

The main doubt as to the use of these products is their contraindication and in this regard, the experts are unanimous; The products are made with industrial cannabis oil, ie do not contain the psychoactive part of the plant, the famous THC.

Yet many people associate the use of the marijuana plant with the drug and its psychological effects and for that reason, the cream is not easily found on the market.


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