Snake venom cream, wrinkle cream

Snake venom cream, wrinkle cream

Serpent poison cream is the new fever in the aesthetic world. After thousands of treatments with gold, chocolate and even leeches, the fashion now is to use a cosmetic made the basis of snake venom to do away with wrinkles, expression marks, tired or fatigued skins .

The poison’s composition contains powerful substances capable of a facelift effect , moisturizing the skin in depth and reducing the contraction and flaccidness of muscle cells. The product, besides the poison has aloe vera, SPF 15 and nopal.
The application of the product would be done with a gentle massage morning and evening, after a facial cleansing on the face, neck and chest. The makeup can be applied about five minutes after its application.

The 50 ml pot of the company Armonía bio costs approximately 23 euros and can be bought over the Internet. Is that why your mother-in-law is so poisonous?


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