It is very delicate to speak in Mastectomy since it is a surgical intervention that partially or completely removes the woman’s breasts . It is usually performed as a treatment for breast cancer, based on tumor withdrawal and axillary emptying.

There are several types of mastectomy, the “radical” that consists of the removal of the mammary gland, associated with the removal of the pectoral muscles, the “modified radical” consisting of the removal of the mammary gland with preservation of one or both pectoral muscles, “total simple ” that is the removal of the mammary gland, including the areola complex and aponeurosis of the pectoralis muscle and the ” subcutaneous ” which consists of removing the mammary gland, keeping the pectoral muscles and their aponeuroses, skin and nipple-papillary complex.

In either case the psychological impact on women is immeasurable . However, the important thing is to know that a disease as serious as cancer has been eliminated from your body and that you are alive, more than ever, to take advantage of that experience and live fully.

There are bras that can make your day-to-day life easier, as can the mammoplasty feature to rebuild the breast. But before submitting to them, rebuild yourself first.


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