How To Apply Nail Income

How To Apply Nail Income

How to apply nail polish. This is a technique that with the necessary caprice we can do at home. Income is a very feminine and versatile material that is always fashionable. To perform the technique you will only need:
– Extra gloss glaze , has to be the special top coat to paste the lace, because the common colorless base does not glue the lace on the nails.

– Scissors

– toothpick

– Piece of fine lace and hard style soutache

First, cut the income as the size of your nails and format you want. Next, wipe the nail polish with an extra-gloss enamel and with the enamel still wet, place the lace on top. With the help of the toothpick, go pressing the lace by the sides of the nails.

After the top coat is dry , pass two more layers over the lace to secure it tightly. Choose fine and delicate lace and give preference to the black color, which is highlighted this winter.

Another tip goes to those who prefer discretion , and it is only to apply on some nails or in just one.


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