How to lose weight by correcting posture

How to lose weight by correcting posture

How to lose weight by correcting posture. Not only diet and fitness are enough to have that flat stomach. A completely wrong posture can affect – a lot! – the way your belly looks .

That’s because your belly ends up pushed forward if you have your lumbar back tilted to the inside or keep your butt empenned from the way you walk.

Want to lose that nagging tummy ? Straighten up and sit with your back straight, preferably leaning against the chair. See the difference? Walking and sitting with straight back brings immediate results. Firstly because in this position, the belly is not so visible, pretending to be thinner .

Second, by assuming a correct posture, the back is strengthened , which in turn makes it easier to hold that posture for longer. Third, a wrong posture causes back pain, making exercise difficult .

Correct posture helps to better identify and eliminate belly fat. It also helps in blood circulation. The blood flows freely through your body, especially to the lower torso and legs, vital parts in the abdominal exercises.


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