Benefits of body oils

Benefits of body oils

Benefits of body oils. Body oils form a film throughout the body that will not let the water evaporate. This is critical to maintaining the level of skin hydration . However, oils should not replace moisturizing creams , the ideal is to make one the complement of the other.

Moisturizers replenish water and oils prevent skin dehydration . The only warning is in the use of oils in the face region , which should be avoided – other than those specific to the eye region.

Many oils also have therapeutic action . Some have active substances that make a true aromatherapy through the aroma employed. In massages, they act as relaxants.

The biphasic and triphasic , as they are available in the market, are a mixture of oils with different densities , that guarantee a better form of the product. Some of the products available in the market already meet the needs of each skin type according to the product used in the manufacture of oil.

For example, those who have dry skin may opt for the versions with nuts or grapes . If the case is dry skin, the ideal is to choose products with a lighter formulation , with passion fruit, for example, to avoid the appearance of pimples by the body.


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