New adjustable silicone breast prosthesis

New adjustable silicone breast prosthesis

Adjustable silicone breast prosthesis is the great novelty in the world of plastic surgery. The product called Spectra is the first breast implant that can be adjusted aesthetically according to the will of the woman.

Thanks to a volume control system , the Spectra can be adjusted during the surgical act to the dimensions considered ideal. Different from the current days where the doctor has to have prosthetics of different sizes to compensate for some asymmetry and often the results do not meet the expectations of the patient.
In the case of Spectra, the dimensions of the base of the implant do not change during the adjustments , which are performed by the surgeon during the surgical procedure, in an individualized way.

The new breast prosthesis can also provide patients with reduced surgical time , as adjustment is easy. In addition to being ideal for patients with breast asymmetry, Spectra may be used in other indications such as mastopexy associated with breast enlargement, correction of congenital anomalies such as the Poland syndrome, in which the patient has alterations In the rib cage and in the pectoral muscles.

Spectra is a product of Mentor Worldwide LLC, a company that in Brazil is represented by Johnson & Johnson Medical Brasil, which brings us a lot of confidence. Talk to your doctor about the possibilities of having a plastic surgery on your breasts with this new prosthesis.


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